This time last year, Phil asked me to marry him and between then and March 24, 2012 my life was pretty busy preparing for the wedding and our life together. Naturally this blog and my training was put on hold.

No, I didn’t stop working out, but my goals changed. I just wanted to be as healthy as possible so I could look my best on my wedding day. I came very close to my goals and I was ultimately, very pleased with how Phil and I both looked as we said our *I Do’s*.

After the wedding, I relaxed and took a few days off. Then I got back to working out.

On some runs, I even took my iPhone along. As evidenced by…


and finally …

But training and blogging was more secondary to just having fun running and working out. I also am learning how to balance priorities as a wife and making sure I put my marriage first. Luckily, working out is important to my husband as well. However, since I met Phil, I’ve had to learn how to be more flexible with my workout time and learn to reschedule or change workout plans based on last minute changes to our schedule, if I’m cooking dinner, or if I have to run errands for us after work.

However, as Spring has sprung and the weather has warmed me up, I’ve felt an urging to get back to training. Not just working out but picking a goal and working towards it. It helps that I keep seeing inspiring photos of people accomplishing running goals and running races on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I want to be that person again I say to myself. Maybe not half marathon girl or even triathlon girl even though I’d like to get back to her.

But I thought, let’s start out picking for and training for a 5k. Unlike in the past when I trained to complete the distance, I think I’ll pick a time goal and an effort goal for the race. I’d also like to blog more but now I’d like to blog more from the perspective of a wife. Not just any wife though. We’re the kind of family who wants to travel – a lot – and cook – a lot. I want to be the fun wife who makes the most of every second of our time together and not just move into middle age quietly where I let my belly grow a big tire and my butt expand. Rules? I’m throwing those rules out too and we’ll focus on living our best life. I’m tired of restrictions because then I just want to break every one! lol

If you want to come along with me, cool. If not, it’s all good. I always wrote to motivate myself anyways.

Time to kick butt and get my training plan started. First order of business, scheduling my cross training of my dance game for the PS3 ūüėČ .¬†Exercise¬†is¬†exercise¬†you just gotta get your butt moving and grooving.