Tonight was a first run of sorts for me. It was the first run back from a temporary hiatus in working out. I haven’t worked out in two whole weeks. The longest break I’ve had in a year and a half. Two weeks ago was a momentus occasion. I went to the gym with my brother and my mom and we all did a workout together. But since then, we’ve had grieving over the loss of both my grandparents, their house to sort through and pick items to keep, and then a quick turnaround from Michigan to a trip to Chicago for Phil and I.

In that time, I was so busy I actually didn’t mind the break and I think it helped me to heal some nagging injuries.

You couldn’t tell that to my body today. Because tonight was my first run back. It was also the first run in my new training plan. I officially have a new race to train for and I didn’t even see it coming. We met up with our friends Doug & Vicki on Monday night after we got back from Chicago and before they headed back to DC. And Vicki popped the question. Want to do a race with me this fall, it’s the Army 10-miler race in DC? Hmmmm… 10 miles doesn’t sound as scary as 13.1 and I’ve always wanted to do a run in DC. Plus, it’d be a great excuse to see our friends and spend a weekend up there at their place.

I don’t think I hesitated before I said yes. I suppose I should have asked my body first after the way it acted tonight. It felt a lot like the way you walk up old stairs in a historic home. It looks nice but as you step up you hear creaks and groans. A mile felt like ten but I’m hoping with a slow, gradual build up and heavy emphasis on a solid base of running, I can get to October 9th in one piece. It helps that the weekend before the race my brother gets married and I’d like to look good in the wedding. But still, when you’re doing the first run – whether it’s the first ever, the first back from a break, or the first in a new training plan – you are a little weary and hesitant. For me, the not-so-genetically gifted runner, I think I’ll have a two-fold approach to this training plan.

#1 – Focus on stretching. I’m going to do a weekly yoga class, stretch before and after every run, and in general work on loosening myself back up. My ligaments and tendons are tight.

#2 – Have an open mind. I’m not going to judge myself or put too much pressure. I’m just going to do the best I can and see what happens.

And at least I’ll have something to blog about now 🙂