Mar 18

Simply the Best: Garmin Forerunner 110

Posted by Lindsey.

I’m back. Took me a while to feel like sharing all my working out and attempting to live my healthiest life. Emphasis on the sharing. Sometimes, I just lack the willingness to write and document especially when I do it all day for work. I’m very happy with my break but I’m ready to start sharing again and in turn learn from my experiences.

A big change since I last blogged was my Christmas present from Phil. I received a Garmin Forerunner 110. Previously, I had this watch:

I got it at Target. It was about $25. It was really good at measuring times and splits. It was light and easy to use. It had a great backlight. But, it didn’t really do much else for me.

Then, I used gift cards and a Best Buy sale to finally get what I thought would be my dream watch. The Garmin Forerunner 205.

It had everything I had hoped for in tracking my running. However, I probably only used it a handful of times. It felt so big on my arm. It ran out of battery fast. It took a long time to find the satellites. And, I didn’t know how to use so many of the features. It seemed like such a waste of money and I was pretty sad about spending so much on it. However, when I decided it was time to let go, I got all my money back I spent by selling it on eBay.

Then, I really wasn’t ready to get a new watch. I had heard about other Garmin watches because I knew the brand was solid. But the cost always holds me back. Even when we were in Chicago for my half marathon, we stopped in a Garmin store and tried on the watches. That’s when I knew I loved the Garmin Forerunner 110.

But, the cost!

So I put it off and went back to use the inaccurate but good enough Nike+ system with my iPod.

And then Christmas came! Phil surprised me with the Forerunner 110 and I completely recommend it.

It’s smaller than the 205. It’s bigger than a timex, but it feels lighter! We saved $50 because Phil guessed right that I wasn’t interested in the heart rate monitor. I mean every now and then I like it but most of the time, I don’t want to do any exercise with something strapped to my chest. Uncomfortable!

Why do I love this watch?

It does exactly what I need and does it so simply. It tells me my time, distance, and pace. And if you’re worried your pace is for the whole run, just hit the lap button and you’ll get an accurate reading for splits. Otherwise, the watch is smart enough to do automatic splits at every mile.

Plus, this watch is so easy to find satellites and the battery lasts a long time.

One negative. And this was not found easily. Right now, Daily Mile doesn’t sync with Garmin for my watch. It’s just too new. I’m being patient and waiting because I’d love to use Daily Mile more.

Otherwise, I have to say, this watch is simply the best. Now I just need to find time (and the money) to surprise Phil with one.


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Jan 24

VitaTops 100 Calorie Muffin Tops- Tasty Alternative to Granola Bars or Diet Cookies

Posted by Lindsey.

VitaTops 100 Calorie Muffin Tops- Tasty Alternative to Granola Bars or Diet Cookies.

Somewhere along the way I heard about these awesome/healthy treats. I tried them last week and loved them.

What I don’t love? The price. I’ll be shopping around for who has the best deal but so far love the VitaTops and will look/for and try other Vitalicious products.

I had the deep chocolate tops first. Very yummy and yet only 100 calories with a good balance of fiber and protein. Cool!

Have you tried any Vitalicious products? What do you recommend?


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Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving – Gobble Wobble!

Posted by Lindsey.

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving from Phil and I. We have a busy fun day planned out, starting with our tradition of running the Turkey Day Run and Gobble Wobble downtown Charleston. It’s so fun and makes you feel ready to nap and then eat Thanksgiving dinner.

This year we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with almost his entire family. 16+ people. We’re doing the collards, dinner rolls, and I’m baking my apple pie!

Then, we’re going to sneak off for a late night showing of Harry Potter. :~P

I’m truly a very blessed girl and am overflowing with the many thankful people and things in my life. Thank you all and hope you have a safe, happy holiday weekend.




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Nov 24

Chicken, Rice, and Veggies – A One Dish Wonder

Posted by Lindsey.

Recently, I gave a Runner’s World recipe a whirl. Most often, I don’t find their recipes all that enticing but then I saw an article about recipes made in one dish.

I first chose the “On the Stovetop” to try.

GOOD FOR: Adding ingredients at different stages of cooking.
COOK IT: Chicken, Rice, and Veggies
In a Dutch oven, brown four chicken thighs in olive oil; set aside. Saute diced onion and minced garlic, then saute sliced mushrooms. Add a cup of brown rice, salt, pepper, and seasoning. Lightly toast. Add two cups of stock, then chicken. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add a cup and a half of asparagus tips; simmer 15 minutes.

But, as you can see from the pictures, I also chose to add carrots to add another vegetable and I used our big pan and not a dutch oven. it worked out well in the end. Just make sure to salt and pepper to taste throughout the cooking process.

IMG_5418 IMG_5419

Mmmm… not only is asparagus delicious, but I find it oddly beautiful.

IMG_5422 IMG_5424

And while it didn’t look like the most beautiful dish ever, it tasted awesome. I’ll definitely be making something similar in the future when the weather dips colder again.


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Nov 23

Frozen Yogurt Heaven – Menchie’s Comes to Mt. Pleasant

Posted by Lindsey.

I am a very happy, very excited girl. Menchie’s, a frozen yogurt place recently opened in Mt. Pleasant at the Belle Hall shopping center. I am in heaven. It’s frozen yogurt, do it yourself, and pay by the ounce. You get so many frozen yogurt flavors and toppings to choose from.

Despite the colder weather embarking upon us here in the Lowcountry, Phil and I have been twice. I can’t wait to go back and am always looking for excuses to be in the area just in case we need some more.

Here are pictures from our very first visit.


I told Phil I was buying. He thought he’d be funny and try to fill up his cup as full and heavy as possible. No worries, it came out to less than $9 for both. It’s a great deal considering all we got.


Here’s a picture inside my cup. I chose less frozen yogurt and toppings but I took just a little bit of some tastes I love like cookie dough, brownie, peanut butter cup, and peanut m&m’s. The strawberries with chocolate were delicious too!


You start from the right and pick out your frozen yogurt flavors. You can mix and match how you’d like. Then to the left you go to toppings (like candy and cereal), fresh toppings (like fruit and brownies), and then to sauces (caramel, chocolate, etc). Pay at the counter via the scale.


Lots of bright colors everywhere and they provide a chalkboard to make doodles while you eat.


The cups are cute!


And of course, the spoons were even adorable.

If anyone needs someone to go with them for their first time, I’d be happy to go. It’s a burden I’m prepared to take ;-).


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Nov 5

Recipe to Try: Herbed Turkey Meatball Subs

Posted by Lindsey.

Earlier this week, I was flipping through my pile of recipes.

Yes, literally, it’s currently a pile on our kitchen table. (**Phil, I will be organizing and cleaning it up soon, I promise).

I love digging through food magazines and looking for good recipes to try and experiment with. A bonus if it’s lower in calories and yet has an interesting flavor profile. Love it when they show me how to combine different herbs and spices to kick up the taste.

In the pile, I stumbled upon a recipe I cut out a long time ago and I think we even made once. This time though, I made a few tweaks and we had an amazing meal of meatball subs on Wednesday night.

Herbed Turkey Meatball Subs (courtesy of the Rachael Ray Magazine)

Per usual, we took the recipe and made a few tweaks to make it our own.

  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • Five 6-inch hoagie rolls (we used a package of Pepperidge Farms hoagie rolls)
  • 1 onions, halved and sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
  • Handful of fresh basil leaves
  • a package of chopped pancetta (4-6 ounces)
  • 1 pound ground turkey breast
  • 1 large egg
  • Pinch of dried oregano leaves, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • One 15-ounce can tomato sauce
  • Package of Sargento mozzarella slices
  • Fresh parmesan, shaved.
    1. In a large nonstick skillet (biggest one you have), toast the fennel seeds over medium heat. Transfer to a large bowl and set the skillet to the side.
    2. Using a food processor (we did it in small portions in our mini food processor), pulse 1 hoagie roll into crumbs; add to the bowl.
    3. Chop up the onion (leave half of the onion in slices) and the garlic. In the skillet from before, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and one half of the chopped onion and cook, stirring, until softened, 3 to 4 minutes; add to the bowl.
    4. Using the food processor, finely chop the basil; add the pancetta and pulse until chopped. Add to the bowl along with the ground turkey breast, egg, oregano, pepper, and salt; mix together.
      ***Optional. Add some crushed red pepper for some heat to your meatballs.***
    5. In the same skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the remaining sliced onions and cook until browned, about 7 minutes.
    6. Shape the meat mixture into ~16 meatballs and add to the skillet. Add a little more olive oil to make sure nothing sticks.
    7. Stir in the tomato sauce, season with salt and pepper and bring to a simmer. Cover with a lid and cook until the meatballs are firm, 10 to 12 minutes.
      ***Optional. After 7-8 minutes, remove the lid and allow the sauce to thicken if you like your meatball subs a little less soupy.***
    8. Preheat the broiler. Partially split the hoagie rolls; arrange cut side up on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Broil until toasted. You may need to use oven-safe dishes to keep them propped up.
    9. Take the hoagie rolls out of the oven. Take one slice of cheese, tear in half, and line the bottom of the hoagie roll with cheese.
    10. Top each roll with meatballs. Spoon some of the onion and tomato sauce over the meatballs. Take another slice of cheese, tear in half and add on top.
    11. Broil until the cheese is melted. Watch while your hoagie broils. You want the hoagie to have the cheese start to brown, then pull out of the oven. A broiler can quickly turn a delicious meatball sub into a burnt cheese meatball sub.
    12. And if you’re like us, add a few tasty meatballs in sauce to the side and shave some fresh parmesan over it.
    13. Enjoy!


  • Usually I like a crunchy, fresh bread but for these meatballs I was glad we had toasted the soft Pepperidge Farm hoagie rolls. Part was crunchy from the broiler but part stayed soft enough to be able to hold the meatballs in. First time we made this I remember all the meatballs falling out.
  • I highly recommend using fresh basil. Don’t buy it from the store though, too expensive. For the price of what’s in the store, buy a basil plant. It’s easy to grow and hard to kill. Plus, the aroma and taste of fresh basil grown yourself can’t be beat.
  • I love how the recipe used ground turkey. I kicked it up a notch with the ground turkey breast. Because of the lower calories and fat in turkey, I loved that she added pancetta to add a little fat (fat = flavor in cooking) to the ground turkey so it cooked well.
  • Don’t worry if your olive oil isn’t exact. Use as much as you need for the steps that need it. We don’t measure, we eyeball it. But remember, when heated a little olive oil goes a long, long way.
  • I used a tomato sauce with some Italian herbs to it and it seemed to pair well.
  • Oh yeah, and to make good meatballs, you have to get your hands dirty. Mix the meatball mixture in the bowl with your hands. And, shape your meatballs with your hands. Yeah, it does feel sticky and gross but your hands are excellent tools.
  • And sorry, I forgot to take a picture of our finished product. We were too hungry after our run. We devoured the subs with a side of Alexia waffle fries and subsequently lapsed into a happy food coma. The end. 🙂


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Nov 4

First Time as Running Buddy

Posted by Lindsey.

Last Friday, I made a quick dash up to Greenville to see my friend Jen and support her in her goal to run a 5K. It was my very first time being a running buddy and I was excited. First, because I was finally getting a chance to pay it forward, and because I could still help someone even if I am a turtle runner. Plus, I know where Jen is coming from. When I ran my first 5K, the whole way – no walking – it really meant a lot about the progress I was making in my life to be healthy and stay healthy. I was so proud even though it was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. I’m not a natural runner and even though it felt like my lungs were burning, I ran the entire way and never gave up. For those getting healthy, you know giving up is the easy way. The way that’s tripped us up in the past. I know it meant a lot to Jen for me to be there (she and her mom were too gracious and kind in telling me so) but it meant a lot to me as well. To know I can help someone even though I am still a work in progress, is a big deal.

Jen was also kind to wait for me to arrive in Greenville to eat dinner. We went to this colorful and fun restaurant downtown called Trio. I loved the colors and the exposed brick wall. The menu was a little typical with the many, many pages of choices but I was happy to find some surprises.


First surprise is how they provide oil fro the bread – WITH CHEESE! Yeah, this did taste great. And everyone knows you need some good (but not too heavy) food before a race!


The pizza was good as well. It’s hard to eat pizza out now that I prefer the homemade pizza Phil and I make at home. But I loved the size pizza they brought out, it had excellent flavors, and it was a great meal to have with a friend. Second surprise was the Mediterranean salad I had – muy delicioso. I thought it tasted better than the pizza. I’m curious to see what their other food tastes like!


After dinner, we talked a little about running, life, and then headed home to get up bright and early.  Here we are pre-race!


Excuse the rolls, please. It was in the 40s for race time and I didn’t want to dress to heavy or light so I wore my long sleeve dry fit t-shirt. It kept me the perfect temperature but it is a little tight on me right now.

All tummy rolls aside, I was trying to be good comic relief to help Jen with her nerves. Not sure if I succeeded or just talked my head off and made her annoyed + nerves.


But, when it’s your first race, your friends have to make a big deal so it’s what I did.


Here we are running to the home plate and finish line. I’m so proud of Jen especially considering downtown Greenville is not necessarily a beginner’s race. Lots of hills. In fact I believe the overall grade for the course was up and not down. Also, I thought Jen ran strong and not once tried to give up. I tried to say positive things while we were running. Not sure if it was that effective or not but sometimes when you see a friend doing well you feel compelled to tell them. Plus, when we saw the finish line and the time, I saw we could finish under 40minutes and Jen SPRINTED to the end. I couldn’t have been more proud. I love a race when you feel like you left it all on the line.


And, she felt the same thing I felt when I finished my first 5K – nausea! Yup, she felt like she was gonna throw up and as I learned, that can be normal. But we walked it out and she was fine. Here we are post-run, all red-faced and happy. I had to shed the long sleeve because I was carrying our post-race food and had my arms full. I must have had the orange slice facing the wrong way because it made a huge wet stain on my boob. As Jen’s mom said, it totally looked like I was lactating. Not so flattering I suppose, so I shed a layer.


And wearing a t-shirt wasn’t so bad now that the sun was out, until we were offered a free sample of Rita’s Italian Ice. Then it was a bit chilly, but the mango was too good not to eat.

After the race, I changed and headed back to Charleston but even though it was a quick trip, it was worth it. I enjoyed seeing Greenville again and spending time with a friend. Plus, being a part of someone else’s goal is one of the best feelings I’ve had in a while.

Anyone else need a running buddy?


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Oct 29

Advice on Running Your First 5k

Posted by Lindsey.

Tonight, I’m traveling to Greenville, SC to see a friend and run her first 5k with her tomorrow at the Spinx Great Punkin 5k. I’m completely, beyond honored. This is my first time being a running buddy and paying it forward for all the help I’ve received from my running friends.

Here I am at my very first 5k A Lark in the Park 5K at the Phoenix Zoo, the spring of 2008.


I’ve also decided, it doesn’t matter how many 5Ks you’ve done before, I still get nervous.

I realize I’ve run a couple half marathons before. But every time I toe up at the start line, my heart starts beating faster and I can’t wait to get it over with.

Here I am at my very first half marathon, December of 2008.


I suppose I realize now no matter what, I’ll make it through the 3.1 miles. It’s not that far and if I had to I could crab walk it backwards. Mentally, I know it will be okay but I still get nervous. I want to run well and do my best. So it doesn’t matter if this is your first, 13th, or 100th 5K – I bet you most people on the course that morning are nervous for some aspect of the run.

Here’s what I told my friend to help her prepare for the race. I hope it helps you too.

Lessons Learned Along the Way:

  1. It’s not what you do race day that determines how you’ll race, it’s what you do the days leading up to the race. (And the months training for it.)
  2. Thursday night is your most important sleep night. Go to bed as early as you can and get as much extra rest. Often, experienced and new runners get nervous before a run and so the night before can be restless. Studies have shown it doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad race if you don’t sleep well the night before. But you do need to get a good night’s sleep two nights before. I recommend going to bed early Wednesday and Thursday night (before a Saturday race).  We’ll go to bed early on Friday too but just in case you get restless your body will already be extra rested.
  3. Thursday and Friday focus on extra water. You want to be fully hydrated for Saturday but you don’t want to drink a lot before race or water + nerves = miss pees a lot.
  4. Don’t carb overload. It’s a myth about carb loading. Instead, you want to make sure your glycogen storage is filled up. But that just means you need to eat a healthy balance of foods in the days leading up to the race. No low carb diets. I recommend having some good carbs tonight through Friday. Just don’t eat too much like a giant plate of pasta because that just sits in your gut and messes with your digestive system.
  5. Whatever you normally eat before your runs is what you should plan to eat before the race. You don’t want to introduce anything new to the system. If you haven’t been eating before you run (about 1-2 hours before) then shame on you ;-). Plan to eat something that will help but not burden the system like a bagel with peanut butter, a banana, etc.
  6. It is going to be kinda cold race morning. Low of 40 Friday night. So, we’re looking at mid 40s to mid 50s for race time. New runners tend to overdress. Even I’m tempted to wear more than I should. I have to remind myself I am going to be cold at the start but in the first 5-8 minutes of running the 5K, we will warm up. You’ll pass by people overheating on the race because they will wear eight layers. I suggest moisture wicking stuff if you have it. It will take the sweat off your skin so you don’t let it make you chilled later. I just know in past experience I need to be kinda cold at the start and then I’ll be fine once I get running.
  7. After you start the race, you’ll inevitably go faster than you probably should at the beginning. After the initial rush, force yourself to slow down to a pace more slow than usual. After the first mile, then focus on running faster if you are capable. You don’t want to burn out too quickly. After the second mile marker, that’s when you gradually allow yourself to keep running faster until you sprint through the finish. Start slow, maintain a good pace, and then when you are ready, kick through the finish. No one wants to sprint the first mile and wonder if you can finish the other 2.1.
  8. Otherwise, it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the event. No need to get stressed because we’ll run the race you’re capable of running on Saturday. If you need to take a walk break because of a few hills wear you down, it’s all good. A little walking won’t hurt the overall time. So I guess what I’m saying is don’t stress the details. In the end, it’s only 3.1 miles and we’ll just be too friends out for a jog supporting a good cause and HAVING FUN! or well it’s always fun after I’m done running.

I do have to remind myself that. Sometimes it’s painful along the way but when I finish, I’m so happy, proud, and excited. Lots of stuff is like that in life.

Here I am after a 5K. I was so happy not only because of a good run but a good post-race party with great food and beverage. Sometimes it helps when you pick races with great race packets, fun locations, or great post-race food!


And include those you love – friends, family, and better halfs. When you include them, the support lifts you up no matter how good or bad you do.

Here I am with my better half at a recent 5k, the Lowcountry Race for the Cure, October 2010.


Do you have any advice to add?

Wish us luck tomorrow, for my friend Jen in her first 5K and for me, my first 5k as a running buddy.


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Oct 28

Flour Girl

Posted by Lindsey.

Thought you might enjoy laughing at a recent picture of me. Ever since I was a little kid, whenever I bake, I get flour all over myself. Pizza, homemade noodles, cookies, and bread, doesn’t matter, there is more flour on me than anywhere else.


Who cares if you make a mess in the kitchen… it’s how much you enjoy playing in the kitchen that matters!


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Oct 27

Restaurant Review: Grill 225

Posted by Lindsey.

Let me start this post with a big heartfelt congratulations to my parents. They survived 40 years of marriage to each other :-)! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

On their anniversary, October 17th, we went downtown to Grill 225 to celebrate. How cool are my parents to involve us in their dinner celebration? Especially how cool when you consider they took us to a restaurant we had been eager to try. Grill 225 is one of (if not the) premier steak restaurant in Charleston. They wet age their steaks in house and use USDA grade Prime beef. The best beef around. Would it be as good as Dave & Jazmine described? As good as the steaks we had with Doug & Vicki in DC at Ray’s the Steaks?

The only thing I questioned going into this special dinner is, couldn’t they have picked a better restaurant name? Grill 225 just seems so… unoriginal, and perhaps, boring.

We arrived a few minutes early and chose to do valet. Best $10 spent downtown Charleston. Grill 225 is located in the Market Pavilion Hotel on the corner of Market and East Bay.


We were seated in a big booth with high walls. We had a lot of privacy to enjoy our meal. We also had GIANT menus. Not sure if they needed to provide such a large menu. The waiter joked you could hide behind them. Perhaps he wasn’t joking?

I did feel a little overwhelmed with the size. I think they partially did it because their wine list is so extensive. I’d rather they do it like Cypress and provide a wine book to browse through. Giant menus were a little too silly even for me.


However, I did fall in love with the architecture of the room. The restaurant is on the first floor of the hotel. Tall, tall ceilings, spacious room, lots of wood, and a lot of ornate details like the ceiling. It was very pretty inside. It was also very relaxing and we enjoyed dinner over the course of several hours.


My parents, all smiles even after 40 years of marriage. They always say their marriage has been so successful because they stayed best friends. I’m so proud of them and yet also excited to share a great Charleston restaurant with them.


If you are ever looking for more privacy and attention from the staff for a special occasion, go to eat dinner on a Sunday night. We weren’t rushed, weren’t crowded, and we had plenty of attention. We had three people assigned to our table. Everything was timed perfectly including the food.


Phil and I. 🙂 He’s so cute I still smile big when I see this picture!


We ordered a bottle of wine to enjoy with this meal. Another Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Even better than this wine? Grill 225 surprised my parents with a complimentary bottle of Champagne to celebrate their anniversary. Thank you so much Grill 225 for making my parents feel special on their big day. Champagne tasted muy delicioso also!


Even their bathrooms were pretty swank. Nice details although the naked man painting in the woman’s bathroom made me chuckle in an immature school girl sorta way. Hey, not everyone’s perfect and it did strike me as odd they would put it in the ladies room. Perhaps for a fun laugh!

IMG_5291 IMG_5292

My mom looking fabulous as usual!


In the lobby area they had a beautiful cabinet full of broken china. Never found out the significance but it was pretty.


Sorry for the bad photo editing but it was dark when I took the photo and I didn’t want to disturb with a flash. This is the bar area of the restaurant. They used a library type tall wooden ladder to get to the wine stocked behind the bar. My parents loved seeing this when we ate.

Perhaps Phil and I will come back sometime and enjoy some appetizers and wine at the bar.


Here’s a view of our family sides and at the top of the screen, you can see my steak (on the left) and Phil’s steak (on the right).


And if this place wasn’t swank enough, you enter the hotel through a revolving door. Something about revolving doors lends itself to the fancier part of me. Although if you ever visit Chicago, you can’t go anywhere without going through a revolving door. And when that happens, the revolving door loses some of it’s magic. Apologies for the tangent but moving on, let’s just say the restaurant was


About the food…

  • Phil had the french onion soup. It was perfecto!
  • I enjoyed a wedge of iceberg salad with Roquefort cheese. If lettuce can taste fresh and flavorful then mine did. It tasted fantastic and provided an excellent light start before a heavy meal.
  • They provide a basket of bread for the table but not one loaf of bread. Instead, they put several different pieces of different breads to sample and enjoy.
  • We each chose our steaks and then ordered three sides to enjoy family style.
  • My mom and I ordered the petit filet mignon. I dare say the 10oz filet was still a tad too big and would have enjoyed a smaller steak. Also, the meat was almost too tender. Crazy to say huh? But I had a bit of trouble cutting into my steak. It was so tender it was hard to cut! But as far as taste goes, it was melt in your mouth good. As good as best steak I’ve ever had? I’m thinking no. I still prefer my filet mignon at Ray’s the Steaks. However, I would rank it in the top three.
  • Phil ordered a Steak au Poivre, 18oz Prime Ribeye with a pepper-crusted au poivre sauce. He loved the pepper sauce although he thought his steak was better at Ray’s the Steaks.
  • My dad ordered the Prime Ribeye and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • I think we all agreed the sides were almost as good as or in some cases better than the steaks. All I can say is homemade truffled potato chips with buttermilk blue cheese dressing. You must try these whenever you are able. They were unbelievable. But we also thoroughly enjoyed the grilled tomatoes topped with havarti cheese and creamed spinach.
  • Only think that was sorta blah to me were the asparagus. I love asparagus. Asparagus is easy to make delicious at home so I was expecting them to be beyond delicious here especially in comparison to other sides. For $9 we got about 8 asparagus and they were not very flavorful. Christy taught me that the smaller, more delicate asparagus have a lot more flavor and taste better. She was right. These were big, woody, and lacked anything special. And for $9, I expected a few more.
  • Sadly, we did not order dessert. I saw several I wanted to try but we’ll be back another time. It had variety though so I do recommend saving room if you’re able to hold yourself back.

Overall, for the experience and the food, this place was almost worth the price and reputation. I certainly would come back given the opportunity but it’s not so amazing I would plan another trip immediately. There are far more restaurants in Charleston to try. Although it did give me the idea to start a piggybank to save up for nice meals downtown on a bi-monthly basis. I had such a good time getting dressed up and having a special meal.

Even better, I really enjoyed the company of my parents and Phil. It was truly the best birthday gift I could receive. My parents visiting Charleston meant more than anything to me. And sitting there with Phil by my side, I definitely not only admire my parents but hope to someday be like them. Married to my best friend and celebrating all the adventures we’ve been on.

Thanks mom and dad for being not only the best parents but a wonderful inspiration. And thanks Grill 225 for helping us celebrate such an important event!


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