There are many ways to avoid overuse injuries. Sure there are things like adequate recovery, a good night’s rest, icing body parts, proper technique, etc.

Another good way? Don’t get slack on keeping track of your mileage on your running shoes!

When I started running more consistently five years ago, I knew enough to rotate my shoes every 300-500 miles or 6 months. I knew the conspiracy of the shoe makers to build the shoes out of materials that break down over time. But I also didn’t want an injury. This is where you shake your fist at the shoe makers as you happily browse website pages full of bright, colorful, NEW shoes. It’s hard to be so conflicted. I love my savings but I also love running in new shoes. The only sad part is looking down at your lovely running shoes who still look normal on the outside and having to retire them because on the inside the materials are not functioning well anymore. Sigh.

Back to the present day, Phil and I had new running shoes in the plans for a while, we just had to wait for the right time to add it to the budget. I finally found room in the spreadsheet and in they went. In the meantime, I researched which shoes I wanted to switch to. In a separate post I’ll talk about my transition to a midfoot strike but needless to say I wasn’t going to jump into minimalist running shoes and wanted to instead gradually drop my heel to toe ratio. I finally went to Dick’s to try some shoes on before I made my decision.

But then I got curious about when I purchased my last pair. I quickly found Phil’s purchase last December. So he was only a few months and about 100 miles over. But I couldn’t find when I bought mine. I had to do a search through my gmail to find I bought my Asics Gel Nimbus on APRIL 11, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!! Over a year and a half on these shoes? YIKES!


You mean the plantar fasciaiitis burning through my right heel and all the other aches and pains are probably because I totally forgot when I last bought my running shoes? Rookie mistake! I shake my fist at myself now.

Yesterday, I made it a priority to order the shoes immediately and thanks to Running Warehouse (free fast shipping!) our shoes will arrive tomorrow. Not sure when the overuse injuries from the old running shoes will go away or if they will nag incessantly.

But here’s a picture of my old shoes, Asics Gel Nimbus 12, heel to toe offset of 12mm:

And now, I’m going to transition to more minimal shoes in these Saucony Triumph 9, heel to toe offset of 8mm:

Looking forward to the first run in the new shoes. In the meantime, researching how I can better  track my mileage and somehow magically still run through all the different leg pains. It’s the ups and downs of a healthy lifestyle I suppose. And no matter what the negatives of overuse injuries, new shoes always make me smile. 🙂