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Oct 21
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Handstands and Waterfalls in Buffalo


A month ago this weekend, Phil and I were honored to travel to Buffalo for his best friend’s wedding. We love Doug & Vicki and it was my first trip to the state of New York. September is a perfect time of year in Buffalo. I loved almost everything about the trip except the early wake up call the day after the wedding to head back to Charleston.
The temperatures were so much cooler than Charleston, it felt like fall. I …

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Sep 13
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Pardon my Hiatus

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Yup, as you can see I took a short break from blogging. Not on purpose though. Since I last posted, I’ve taken pictures of meals we’ve had, went to a few new restaurants, and been working out pretty regularly (except for a few days in there). I just never got around to the actual writing about what we we’ve done. But, I’m back with a few new ideas I’ll be debuting over the next couple weeks.
In the meantime, here’s a …

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Jun 30
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Getting Used to the Heat


I was mean to myself last night but it was for my own good. I chose to purposely not run before work when it was the coolest or even on a treadmill after work in the air conditioning of the gym. No, I waited until after I made us dinner to run outside in ~86 degree heat. I didn’t care if it was a longer run or not, just wanted to get my legs moving but not tire them out …

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Jun 25
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Don’t Forget the Swimsuit!


Well, it’s Friday, only a week to go until vacation. I’m over the moon – in excitement and lack of mental acuity. Which is probably why I forgot to think about a swimsuit for vacation until yesterday. I stopped at a store nearby who were having a sale and cursed the prices and my bad memory for not remembering that it’s almost impossible to shop in stores for a bathing suit. Because while I’m only 5’2″, I have an oddly …

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Jun 18
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Do these shoes match my skirt?

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So much to update you all on. It’s been a super busy couple weeks. First, Phil and I had plane tickets we needed to use from last summer so two weekends ago we flew up to DC to spend the weekend with his awesome friends Doug and Vicki. I was home for a few days after that to pack and catch my breath before I flew off to Michigan last weekend. I was there from Thursday to Tuesday to spend …

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Apr 29
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Recommendation | Athleta


Women’s yoga clothing, swimwear, running clothing, athletic clothing & more | Athleta.
Just a quick plug for  a cool brand I discovered with the help of Phil’s mom. She got this catalog in the mail and passed it along to me. She said it “looked like me”. I take it as a compliment because I find so many cute things I would love to have.
If I ever wanted a clothing company to sponsor me, it might be them. 🙂
If I’m good, …

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