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Sep 6
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Example #18 on How to Avoid Overuse Injuries

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There are many ways to avoid overuse injuries. Sure there are things like adequate recovery, a good night’s rest, icing body parts, proper technique, etc.
Another good way? Don’t get slack on keeping track of your mileage on your running shoes!
When I started running more consistently five years ago, I knew enough to rotate my shoes every 300-500 miles or 6 months. I knew the conspiracy of the shoe makers to build the shoes out of materials that break down over …

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Aug 31
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I Bought a Pedometer!

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Tease me if you want, Phil did, but I went and bought myself a pedometer. It started when we went to the PGA Championship at Kiawah and we received our free pedometers thanks to the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. We had so much tracking all the steps and steps we took that day on the golf course and then we started tracking our steps the following week. It was cool! Only problem was the reset button on …

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Aug 29
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Running Update

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Wow, it’s been  since April 23rd since I last wrote. I really didn’t think it had been that long. In my head, I write lots of posts on my runs and yes, I’ve been running! But then I wonder if I should keep the blog or not because it’s not really purposeful but ya know, it did use to be fun. So no, I don’t have any illusions about the importance of this blog other than the fact that in …

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Apr 23
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Time to Kick Butt and Get Training

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This time last year, Phil asked me to marry him and between then and March 24, 2012 my life was pretty busy preparing for the wedding and our life together. Naturally this blog and my training was put on hold.

No, I didn’t stop working out, but my goals changed. I just wanted to be as healthy as possible so I could look my best on my wedding day. I came very close to my goals and I was ultimately, very …

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Dec 10
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Accidental Barefoot Running

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I’ve been doing all sorts of working out lately but haven’t really known how to blog about it. I mean I have taken such an absence of writing that it’s hard to jump back in. I guess planning a wedding is a pretty good excuse. But the wedding planning is going okay. I’m pretty much resigned to a long to do list on that one.
But back to the topic at hand. This past week I started doing some new workouts …

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Apr 18
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Meatless Mondays


Recently, Phil and I joined the Meatless Mondays bandwagon. It’s something little we can do to start our week off right and cut back on our calories. Plus, who doesn’t like a culinary challenge. I’m in trouble though, Phil went first and for the last two weeks he’s made the most amazing dishes that don’t make you miss the meat at all.
Week 1 – Eggplant Parmigiana with Brussel Sprouts
This is what 400-450 calories looks like…

Phil used the same technique we …

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Apr 11
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Welcome New Shoes – Asics Gel-Nimbus 12!


I just ordered these new shoes 🙂

Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 (if you’re patient, the Gel-Nimbus 13 are coming out soon).
I love the blue color. It makes me smile!
Even though I love new running shoes, I don’t love the at least semi-annual cost. However, I begrudgingly ordered them after I realized I bought my last pair of running shoes at the end of October. Oops, that’s six months of running and walking on my Brooks Glycerin. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve …

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Apr 8
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Happy Hour Flow Yoga

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After work today, I went to yoga. I love this class. It’s only an hour long, it’s a flow yoga so it never gets boring and you never stop moving, and it really forces me to focus on stretching. I need to regain my flexibility. And I did great tonight!
Nope, I didn’t do great on this pose…

or this pose…

or even this pose…

but, I did great because I showed up! In yoga, you learn to be more open and compassionate towards …

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Apr 7
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The First Run


Tonight was a first run of sorts for me. It was the first run back from a temporary hiatus in working out. I haven’t worked out in two whole weeks. The longest break I’ve had in a year and a half. Two weeks ago was a momentus occasion. I went to the gym with my brother and my mom and we all did a workout together. But since then, we’ve had grieving over the loss of both my grandparents, their …

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Mar 18
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Simply the Best: Garmin Forerunner 110

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I’m back. Took me a while to feel like sharing all my working out and attempting to live my healthiest life. Emphasis on the sharing. Sometimes, I just lack the willingness to write and document especially when I do it all day for work. I’m very happy with my break but I’m ready to start sharing again and in turn learn from my experiences.
A big change since I last blogged was my Christmas present from Phil. I received a Garmin …

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