I’ve been doing all sorts of working out lately but haven’t really known how to blog about it. I mean I have taken such an absence of writing that it’s hard to jump back in. I guess planning a wedding is a pretty good excuse. But the wedding planning is going okay. I’m pretty much resigned to a long to do list on that one.

But back to the topic at hand. This past week I started doing some new workouts out of a book I purchased. Another accident also! I meant to buy the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.

Instead, I bought the Women’s Health Big Book of 15minute workouts!

In my defense, they do look a little similar and I had spent all my allotted time in Barnes & Noble picking out an ice cream recipe cookbook so I can see how I made the mistake. I kinda wonder what the checkout girl thought when I bought a children’s book (for my volunteering), the ice cream book, and the 15minute workout book 🙂

It was a happy mistake though. This book is amazing. Lots of different exercises and they give you ideas for how to make a great workout. I had so much fun picking out workouts this week. Which leads me to my accidental barefoot running experiment.

On Tuesday, I planned to do my usual spinning triathlon workout (spin, freemotion treadmill, krankcycle). But I wanted to add on one of my 15-minute workouts. I picked the tiny-tank-top one. It’s an all over upper body which I thought would be good to do for that whole “wearing a strapless wedding dress” thing I’m supposed to do soon.

(Yes I’m getting to the point of the story soon.)

So I show up to the gym and as I get out I am immediately distraught, I have forgotten my running shoes and all I have are my workout clothes and spinning shoes. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

Well, I resign myself to just doing a good spin workout and then head home. But when I get into the spin room, I realize it’s quiet and I can still pull off the tiny-tank-top workout because all I needed was a mat and a dumbbell. The tiny-tank-top workout goes great in my socks and i’m feeling sore. I just wanted to get some cardio in before I headed home. That’s when I realized, hey, I’ve got socks on, what about trying the freemotion treadmill? It’s a softer, easier surface to run on, so maybe it’s a great place to try that crazy barefoot running thing people rave about. So guess what? I ran barefoot (albeit with socks on because that’s just gross to go barefoot anywhere in a public gym) and it went okay.

I understand why people talk so passionately about barefoot running. Will I be one of those people? Hell no. But I do get why people geek up about it. I could tell running without running shoes made me biomechanically think about how I was running, I definitely ran “softer,” and I could feel more muscles engaged in my legs. Specifically, my lower leg was working a lot harder to keep me balanced and running properly. It was cool!

But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget my running shoes more often. In fact, I’ve now put a backup, old pair in my car in case I ever forget again. However, if I get the opportunity, I’ll probably add some more barefoot running again in the future. I may even purchase some vibrams. I can definitely see how it’s a great cross training workout. I just don’t see it as an all the time thing. Why? Because I believe God invented cushioning for a reason 😉