Sep 6

Example #18 on How to Avoid Overuse Injuries

Posted by Lindsey.

There are many ways to avoid overuse injuries. Sure there are things like adequate recovery, a good night’s rest, icing body parts, proper technique, etc.

Another good way? Don’t get slack on keeping track of your mileage on your running shoes!

When I started running more consistently five years ago, I knew enough to rotate my shoes every 300-500 miles or 6 months. I knew the conspiracy of the shoe makers to build the shoes out of materials that break down over time. But I also didn’t want an injury. This is where you shake your fist at the shoe makers as you happily browse website pages full of bright, colorful, NEW shoes. It’s hard to be so conflicted. I love my savings but I also love running in new shoes. The only sad part is looking down at your lovely running shoes who still look normal on the outside and having to retire them because on the inside the materials are not functioning well anymore. Sigh.

Back to the present day, Phil and I had new running shoes in the plans for a while, we just had to wait for the right time to add it to the budget. I finally found room in the spreadsheet and in they went. In the meantime, I researched which shoes I wanted to switch to. In a separate post I’ll talk about my transition to a midfoot strike but needless to say I wasn’t going to jump into minimalist running shoes and wanted to instead gradually drop my heel to toe ratio. I finally went to Dick’s to try some shoes on before I made my decision.

But then I got curious about when I purchased my last pair. I quickly found Phil’s purchase last December. So he was only a few months and about 100 miles over. But I couldn’t find when I bought mine. I had to do a search through my gmail to find I bought my Asics Gel Nimbus on APRIL 11, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!! Over a year and a half on these shoes? YIKES!


You mean the plantar fasciaiitis burning through my right heel and all the other aches and pains are probably because I totally forgot when I last bought my running shoes? Rookie mistake! I shake my fist at myself now.

Yesterday, I made it a priority to order the shoes immediately and thanks to Running Warehouse (free fast shipping!) our shoes will arrive tomorrow. Not sure when the overuse injuries from the old running shoes will go away or if they will nag incessantly.

But here’s a picture of my old shoes, Asics Gel Nimbus 12, heel to toe offset of 12mm:

And now, I’m going to transition to more minimal shoes in these Saucony Triumph 9, heel to toe offset of 8mm:

Looking forward to the first run in the new shoes. In the meantime, researching how I can better  track my mileage and somehow magically still run through all the different leg pains. It’s the ups and downs of a healthy lifestyle I suppose. And no matter what the negatives of overuse injuries, new shoes always make me smile. 🙂


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Aug 31

I Bought a Pedometer!

Posted by Lindsey.

Tease me if you want, Phil did, but I went and bought myself a pedometer. It started when we went to the PGA Championship at Kiawah and we received our free pedometers thanks to the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. We had so much tracking all the steps and steps we took that day on the golf course and then we started tracking our steps the following week. It was cool! Only problem was the reset button on it was too easy to accidentally hit so we kept resetting our steps during the day. Frustrating!

So I went on Amazon and bought myself a pedometer!

Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer, Black 

Okay, so I already know I’m active doing workouts 5-6 times a week but I also have a desk job. A desk job in which my bum gets smushed all day long and I wonder if I’m moving enough. Ideally I’d love to walk 10,000 steps a day and get my workout in because then I’d feel like I’m getting my proper *move* on.

This new pedometer is cool. Very lightweight and because it has a tri-axis sensor, it doesn’t have to be exactly over your hip like old pedometers. In your pocket, around your neck, on the hip, in a bag, wherever it’s on you works. I forget it’s even there. Best of all, it doesn’t have a reset button so I can’t accidentally erase all my hard work.

Nice part was I found out I’m moving more than I thought, over 8,000 steps a day, but now i’m determined to get at least that extra 2,000 steps. After all, it’s much easier to quantify my workouts than to quantify if I’m getting enough daily regular movement in. I figure I can only do so much sweating to get my daily burn in, I need to also optimize my other opportunities to burn calories.

Also, I’m still obsessed over this middle age sitting in a chair bum bum spread thing. Just shake your head and roll your eyes at me. We all have our things.


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Aug 29

Running Update

Posted by Lindsey.

Wow, it’s been  since April 23rd since I last wrote. I really didn’t think it had been that long. In my head, I write lots of posts on my runs and yes, I’ve been running! But then I wonder if I should keep the blog or not because it’s not really purposeful but ya know, it did use to be fun. So no, I don’t have any illusions about the importance of this blog other than the fact that in the past it got me more excited and focused on my healthy living accomplishments. For that reason alone, I’m going to try blogging more again. Among the numerous topics I’ve had bouncing around my head…

  • Getting back to running regular 5Ks
  • Nagging to worsening injuries (but not from running!)
  • Body pump class
  • Switching from heel strike to midfoot strike running
  • Buying my transitional running shoes
  • Music playlists for running harder
  • Breaking down and finally getting an armband for my iphone even though it makes me nervous to run with it.
  • New nutritional foods i’ve tried in getting healthier
  • Finding ways to stop the middle age/office worker spread
  • Vitamins

…and more. But most importantly, I have been so good about my consistent workouts and in fact increased my workouts recently to at least 5 sometimes 6 days a week. At least 3 runs, 2 body pump, and some elliptical thrown in. I think Phil and I are even going to start playing some tennis. It’s all rather encouraging to me that even though I can’t figure out the food situation, I haven’t given up and I’m still out there sweating.

Just as we tell our niece, don’t ever give up!





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Apr 23

Time to Kick Butt and Get Training

Posted by Lindsey.

This time last year, Phil asked me to marry him and between then and March 24, 2012 my life was pretty busy preparing for the wedding and our life together. Naturally this blog and my training was put on hold.

No, I didn’t stop working out, but my goals changed. I just wanted to be as healthy as possible so I could look my best on my wedding day. I came very close to my goals and I was ultimately, very pleased with how Phil and I both looked as we said our *I Do’s*.

After the wedding, I relaxed and took a few days off. Then I got back to working out.

On some runs, I even took my iPhone along. As evidenced by…


and finally …

But training and blogging was more secondary to just having fun running and working out. I also am learning how to balance priorities as a wife and making sure I put my marriage first. Luckily, working out is important to my husband as well. However, since I met Phil, I’ve had to learn how to be more flexible with my workout time and learn to reschedule or change workout plans based on last minute changes to our schedule, if I’m cooking dinner, or if I have to run errands for us after work.

However, as Spring has sprung and the weather has warmed me up, I’ve felt an urging to get back to training. Not just working out but picking a goal and working towards it. It helps that I keep seeing inspiring photos of people accomplishing running goals and running races on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I want to be that person again I say to myself. Maybe not half marathon girl or even triathlon girl even though I’d like to get back to her.

But I thought, let’s start out picking for and training for a 5k. Unlike in the past when I trained to complete the distance, I think I’ll pick a time goal and an effort goal for the race. I’d also like to blog more but now I’d like to blog more from the perspective of a wife. Not just any wife though. We’re the kind of family who wants to travel – a lot – and cook – a lot. I want to be the fun wife who makes the most of every second of our time together and not just move into middle age quietly where I let my belly grow a big tire and my butt expand. Rules? I’m throwing those rules out too and we’ll focus on living our best life. I’m tired of restrictions because then I just want to break every one! lol

If you want to come along with me, cool. If not, it’s all good. I always wrote to motivate myself anyways.

Time to kick butt and get my training plan started. First order of business, scheduling my cross training of my dance game for the PS3 😉 . Exercise is exercise you just gotta get your butt moving and grooving.


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Dec 10

Accidental Barefoot Running

Posted by Lindsey.

I’ve been doing all sorts of working out lately but haven’t really known how to blog about it. I mean I have taken such an absence of writing that it’s hard to jump back in. I guess planning a wedding is a pretty good excuse. But the wedding planning is going okay. I’m pretty much resigned to a long to do list on that one.

But back to the topic at hand. This past week I started doing some new workouts out of a book I purchased. Another accident also! I meant to buy the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.

Instead, I bought the Women’s Health Big Book of 15minute workouts!

In my defense, they do look a little similar and I had spent all my allotted time in Barnes & Noble picking out an ice cream recipe cookbook so I can see how I made the mistake. I kinda wonder what the checkout girl thought when I bought a children’s book (for my volunteering), the ice cream book, and the 15minute workout book 🙂

It was a happy mistake though. This book is amazing. Lots of different exercises and they give you ideas for how to make a great workout. I had so much fun picking out workouts this week. Which leads me to my accidental barefoot running experiment.

On Tuesday, I planned to do my usual spinning triathlon workout (spin, freemotion treadmill, krankcycle). But I wanted to add on one of my 15-minute workouts. I picked the tiny-tank-top one. It’s an all over upper body which I thought would be good to do for that whole “wearing a strapless wedding dress” thing I’m supposed to do soon.

(Yes I’m getting to the point of the story soon.)

So I show up to the gym and as I get out I am immediately distraught, I have forgotten my running shoes and all I have are my workout clothes and spinning shoes. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

Well, I resign myself to just doing a good spin workout and then head home. But when I get into the spin room, I realize it’s quiet and I can still pull off the tiny-tank-top workout because all I needed was a mat and a dumbbell. The tiny-tank-top workout goes great in my socks and i’m feeling sore. I just wanted to get some cardio in before I headed home. That’s when I realized, hey, I’ve got socks on, what about trying the freemotion treadmill? It’s a softer, easier surface to run on, so maybe it’s a great place to try that crazy barefoot running thing people rave about. So guess what? I ran barefoot (albeit with socks on because that’s just gross to go barefoot anywhere in a public gym) and it went okay.

I understand why people talk so passionately about barefoot running. Will I be one of those people? Hell no. But I do get why people geek up about it. I could tell running without running shoes made me biomechanically think about how I was running, I definitely ran “softer,” and I could feel more muscles engaged in my legs. Specifically, my lower leg was working a lot harder to keep me balanced and running properly. It was cool!

But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget my running shoes more often. In fact, I’ve now put a backup, old pair in my car in case I ever forget again. However, if I get the opportunity, I’ll probably add some more barefoot running again in the future. I may even purchase some vibrams. I can definitely see how it’s a great cross training workout. I just don’t see it as an all the time thing. Why? Because I believe God invented cushioning for a reason 😉


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Apr 18

Meatless Mondays

Posted by Lindsey.

Recently, Phil and I joined the Meatless Mondays bandwagon. It’s something little we can do to start our week off right and cut back on our calories. Plus, who doesn’t like a culinary challenge. I’m in trouble though, Phil went first and for the last two weeks he’s made the most amazing dishes that don’t make you miss the meat at all.

Week 1 – Eggplant Parmigiana with Brussel Sprouts

This is what 400-450 calories looks like…


Phil used the same technique we use for baked chicken and baked green tomatoes.


Yup, those little pieces of cheesy eggplant tasted like heaven.


The brussel sprouts were d’lish as well. Phil used the Bolthouse vinaigrette dressing to provide some great flavor.

Week 2 – Spanish Tortilla with Roasted Peppers and Spinach

Phil made this recipe he found on his Whole Foods app. However, he also added a few of his extra special touches. He added extra asparagus we had, added a little mozzarella to the inside and top of the dish, and then he also added the special spanish paprika seasoning we had picked up in Michigan at the Spice Merchants.

The taste and the wonderful veggies were so good, I had to go back for an extra slice.


I wish this was my serving size. Nope, we forgot to take pictures so this is our leftovers.


And this just happens to be my breakfast (tortilla) and part of lunch tomorrow (veggies).

Oh yeah, I’m a lucky girl. Just check out this close up shot of the ooey gooey yumminess.



Apr 11

Welcome New Shoes – Asics Gel-Nimbus 12!

Posted by Lindsey.

I just ordered these new shoes 🙂

Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 (if you’re patient, the Gel-Nimbus 13 are coming out soon).

I love the blue color. It makes me smile!

Even though I love new running shoes, I don’t love the at least semi-annual cost. However, I begrudgingly ordered them after I realized I bought my last pair of running shoes at the end of October. Oops, that’s six months of running and walking on my Brooks Glycerin. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved both pairs of Brooks I’ve bought but when I thought about my two half-mary runs, I preferred the running experience in my Asics to my Brooks. They are very similar but I felt like the Asics had a bit more cushioning. My body is gonna need it later this summer and I’d like to readjust my running style to Asics before I get too far into running.

The only sad part of ordering my shoes online is the waiting. But, finding these shoes for only $100 with free shipping from Holabird Sports made up for it. They retail for $125 on Zappos and even more in stores like TrySports.

Here’s a few more pictures to make me happy!


Apr 10

Almond Chocolate Milkshake

Posted by Lindsey.

Inspired by my brother’s want for a milkshake from Red Robin last week, I had healthy milkshakes on my mind all weekend and wanted to see if my own advice could stand up. I had suggested that for far less calories you could make the milkshake at home.

After a great weekend, Phil and I decided tonight sounded like a good night to experiment. So after dinner, I went for a run. I did have to earn that dessert 😉 . Then, I set to work. First, I looked up recipes and really didn’t find a great milkshake recipe that included almond milk and frozen yogurt. Today at Publix, Silk Almond Milk was on sale. Also, we had conveniently picked up a pint of Edy’s Yogurt Blends Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I wanted to use both. Original almond milk has only 60 calories per cup. Also, Edy’s frozen yogurt is our favorite. With no recipes to inspire, I looked up a chocolate milkshake recipe on Food Network. I read through a few and decided how I could make substitutes. Here’s what I came up with:

Ingredients –

  • 1/2 tsp of almond extract
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extra
  • 1 cup of original almond milk
  • Edy’s Yogurt Blends Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Directions –

  • Pour in a blender, the almond milk.
  • Add the almond extract and vanilla extract
  • Start adding some frozen yogurt (don’t put in too much at first, it’s easier to add more)
  • Blend until smooth
  • Look into blender, too thin and milky? Add more frozen yogurt
  • Repeat until you see an acceptable milkshake consistency
  • Pour into cups and treat your significant other to more of the milkshake so you can keep the dessert light and not too caloric.

Enjoy and bon apetit!

I really enjoyed making the milkshake and it tasted so good. Phil loved it too except when he finished he looked forlornly into the bottom of the cup. I could tell he wished there was more.

And really, you can be proud that the most significant portion of the calories comes from the frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt full of healthy live cultures, calcium, low in fat, not high carbs, and full of creamy, delicious taste.

DK, this one is for you. Make it for yourself sometime or come here and I’ll make it for you. Trust me, this one’s worth a try!


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Apr 8

Happy Hour Flow Yoga

Posted by Lindsey.

After work today, I went to yoga. I love this class. It’s only an hour long, it’s a flow yoga so it never gets boring and you never stop moving, and it really forces me to focus on stretching. I need to regain my flexibility. And I did great tonight!

Nope, I didn’t do great on this pose…

or this pose…

or even this pose…

but, I did great because I showed up! In yoga, you learn to be more open and compassionate towards yourself. Tonight, the first few minutes my bones cracked, then my ligaments and tendons creaked, and then later I was sleepy and distracted. However, I’m proud I showed up and tried. At the beginning of six months of training that’s all I can hope for. Later on when my practice becomes more regular, I’ll push my poses and try new things.

In the meantime, I may need to look up another yoga class on the schedule. These bones feel a little older and tighter than I remembered. 😉


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Apr 7

The First Run

Posted by Lindsey.

Tonight was a first run of sorts for me. It was the first run back from a temporary hiatus in working out. I haven’t worked out in two whole weeks. The longest break I’ve had in a year and a half. Two weeks ago was a momentus occasion. I went to the gym with my brother and my mom and we all did a workout together. But since then, we’ve had grieving over the loss of both my grandparents, their house to sort through and pick items to keep, and then a quick turnaround from Michigan to a trip to Chicago for Phil and I.

In that time, I was so busy I actually didn’t mind the break and I think it helped me to heal some nagging injuries.

You couldn’t tell that to my body today. Because tonight was my first run back. It was also the first run in my new training plan. I officially have a new race to train for and I didn’t even see it coming. We met up with our friends Doug & Vicki on Monday night after we got back from Chicago and before they headed back to DC. And Vicki popped the question. Want to do a race with me this fall, it’s the Army 10-miler race in DC? Hmmmm… 10 miles doesn’t sound as scary as 13.1 and I’ve always wanted to do a run in DC. Plus, it’d be a great excuse to see our friends and spend a weekend up there at their place.

I don’t think I hesitated before I said yes. I suppose I should have asked my body first after the way it acted tonight. It felt a lot like the way you walk up old stairs in a historic home. It looks nice but as you step up you hear creaks and groans. A mile felt like ten but I’m hoping with a slow, gradual build up and heavy emphasis on a solid base of running, I can get to October 9th in one piece. It helps that the weekend before the race my brother gets married and I’d like to look good in the wedding. But still, when you’re doing the first run – whether it’s the first ever, the first back from a break, or the first in a new training plan – you are a little weary and hesitant. For me, the not-so-genetically gifted runner, I think I’ll have a two-fold approach to this training plan.

#1 – Focus on stretching. I’m going to do a weekly yoga class, stretch before and after every run, and in general work on loosening myself back up. My ligaments and tendons are tight.

#2 – Have an open mind. I’m not going to judge myself or put too much pressure. I’m just going to do the best I can and see what happens.

And at least I’ll have something to blog about now 🙂


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